A 20-something extrovert’s guide to social distancing

For many young extroverts, especially those like me in urban, white-collar jobs, our lives don’t revolve around homes — or didn’t just two weeks ago.

Social distancing sucks…But, at least for now, it’s exactly what we need to do.

  • Take your weekly events online. We’re the digital generation, so we should be leading the charge for digital connection. Take your meals with friends online. If you play trivia or have a board game night, try making it virtual. Every trivia group has someone who always says they could “totally be a trivia master,” so this is an excellent opportunity to call your friend’s bluff.
  • Get outside — just keep your distance from other people. Social distancing doesn’t mean you need to stay on your couch for the foreseeable future. Explore that new park down the road. Go for a jog. Get your bike out. Or if that’s too much activity, just sit and watch the greenery slowly return to the world.
  • Check out all the streaming events. Whether you’re looking for theater, comedy, or live music, there are tons of famous performers taking their talents online. While sports and festivals might be cancelled, it has never been easier to access some amazing performances.
  • Finally, (and perhaps counterintuitively) get online. Human beings are awesome. From Reddit to Twitter, people are sharing creative and inspiring ways to stay connected and weather this storm. Challenge your friends and families to find new ways to stay connected.

Do it to protect yourself, do it to protect the people like our health care workers who can’t stay home, and do it to protect people like my grandparents who may be the most at risk.



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