COVID-19 and Primary Health Care: How can India leverage a current crisis to build a stronger future?

We know that PHC is an essential component of effective COVID-19 response and recovery, especially in mitigating the disastrous wave of severe infections that now threaten to break down acute care hospital systems.

What role can PHC play to mitigate the immediate crisis at hand?

While India focuses on alleviating the current surge of COVID-19 cases, an eye must also be kept on maintaining access to essential health services to prevent an influx of delayed care and disease burden in the future.

> Improve access to testing

> Make care safer

> Expand telehealth

> Utilize community health workers (CHWs)

> Help people care for themselves at home

> Provide clear health messages

The promise of PHC, now and in the future

Using the present crisis as an opportunity for lasting change

> Promote trust by getting proximate

> Building better information systems for the future

> Support an ailing health workforce

The pandemic will not be over locally until it is over globally; no one is safe until we are all safe.



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