Digital Game from USAID and TechChange Teaches Health Managers to Navigate Challenges of a Global Pandemic

The Ministry of Health just established the COVID-19 Recovery Task Force to get the entire population of your country vaccinated as efficiently and equitably as possible. You are being brought on to develop a strategy and manage the roll out and scale up of Digital Health applications to expedite vaccination.

You must navigate the challenges of generating demand for the vaccine, allocating the vaccines from COVAX, distributing the vaccine, and verifying coverage in the midst of arising shocks to the health system. Are you up for the challenge?

  • Generating demand for the vaccine, i.e., the population must be willing to get it.
  • Allocating the vaccine, i.e., determining where the initially sparse supplies need to go.
  • Distributing the vaccine, i.e., delivering the vaccine at the right temperature to the right places at the right time, and
  • Verifying coverage, i.e., tracking population metrics and individuals’ vaccination status.
  1. Investing in governance pays off.
  2. Global standards on privacy, data ownership, and interoperability are helpful.
  3. Planning, predicting, and preparing systems for the introduction of new technologies, treatments, and vaccines is integral to successful implementation.
Merrick Shaefer explains the concept of interoperability to students of the Global Health Delivery Intensive class of 2021.



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